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The Best Greek Foods

Get ready to embark on a world of high cuisine, in Nefeli, the modern Polychrono restaurant.

The view of the sea is unique from both the indoor and outdoor lounges and is the perfect backdrop for Executive Chef Helen Mimaroglou’s menu.

Classic dishes, innovative creations and fine wines – great choices for breakfast and dinner. And all complemented by the refined atmosphere and impeccable service.

Using only the finest seafood, fine meats and fresh produce on the market, Nefeli offers you the best value for money and promises to be a truly enjoyable experience.



Soup of the day
Fish soup from fresh fisches of the day


Cheese salad
Aubergine salad
Tarama salad
Herring salad

salted fish

Sea pastourmas
Tried Mackerel
Marinated Anchovies

cold appetizers

Carpaccio Seabass
Tartar of fresh fish of the day
with avocado in a crispy Won-Ton
Prawns Ceviche fourth citrus fruit
Sea urchin
with oliveoil, fresh lemon, traditional bread on crushed ice

hot appetizers

Cheese croquettes
with flakes almond
Haloumi cheese with mushrooms preserves
Home made stuffed Vine leaves with rice
Tart shallots
with browned mastelo Chios
Meat balls with ouzo
Bruschetta with aubergines and xynomyzithra cheese
Feta with sesame and honey
Mushrooms in garlic butter
Honey roasted pancetta
with caramelized onions and traditional bread
Meat balls with octopus
with anise and mint
Aubergine grilled
with tomato, feta and garlic
Soft butter beans in the oven
Courgette croquettes
with feta and mint
Fried courgette
Fresh French fries
Mushrooms grilled
Vegetables grilled

sea food mezes

Fried calamari
with sauce tartar
Grilled calamari
with ginger and lemon
Stuffed calamari
with tokaraschi
Grilled octopus
with olive oil and fresh lemon
Prawns in garlic butter 300gr
Shrimps saganaki
in spicy red sauce 300gr
Marinate prawns grilled
Sardine fillet with traditional bread
Grilled cuttlefish
with herring salad
Sardine marinate grilled fillet
Gavros fried
with tarama salad
Special mixed dish
with Sword fish, squid, mussels and prawns


Mussels fried in fresch lemon
Mussels saganaki
in spicy red sauce
Mussels steaming hot with shell
Mussels cooked with rice
Smoked mussels with pesto
Clams with Moschato wine of Limnos
Shellfish trilogy on hot stones
with fish broth and red chilli pepper
Mixed shellfish
on seaweed served and crushed ice

fresh sea food

A choice of fresh fish of the day, Sea bass or Sea bream
with white wine sauce and chicory


Risotto wild mushrooms
in white truffle oil
Risotto cuttlefish with squid ink
scented with Moschato wine of Rhodes
Risotto Seafood
with safran


Pennes with traditional sausage and mushrooms
Linguini with shrimp
cherry tomatoes and fresh tomato sauce 300gr
Linguini with fresh clams
Spaghetti flavored with squid ink and prawns
Farfalle with 4 cheese
Spaghetti alla Chitarra Seafood
with white sauce
Spaghetti Napoliten
with fresh basilico
Spaghetti Bolognese


Rocket salad in a Parmesan bowl
with cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic dressing
Chicken salad
with egg, lettuce, corn,rice and cocktail sauce
Spinach salad
with Talagani cheese, Pleurotus mushrooms, browned Parmesan, crispy Prosciutto and sauce olive oil balsamic dressing
Salad with chicken
different types of lettuce, bacon, corn, dill, croutons parmesan and sauce Caesar's
Prawns salad in tomato water (juice)
with cucumber, valerian, French greens, fresh green onion, sauce olive oil vinegartomato dressing
Salad with Roquefort
smoked turkey, avocado, cherry tomatoes, bacon frame, Dijon dressing with honey and olive oil
Salad with Katiki cheese of Domokou
cherry tomatoes, cucumber julienne, round croutons, onion, olives and egg
Salad with kavourmas
mall radish, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, French greens, xynomyzithra, Dijon dressing with honey and olive oil
Salad Seafood
with mussels, squid*, prawns*, octopus, French greens, colorful peppers, mayonnaise dressing with Dijon and red pepper
Traditional Greek salad
Tomato & cucumber salad
Seasonal boiled greens
with olive oil and fresh lemon dressing
Oven baked beets
with mashed garlic, olive oil and cider vinegar dressing

cooked food

with beef, tagliatelle, cheese, tomato, covered with flaky pastry
with lamb, potatoes, carrots, peppers, peas and cheese
Mousaka traditional
Smyrna meatballs
served in fresh tomato sauce and garlic
Beef giouvetsi
with orzo pasta, fresh tomato and cheece
Stuffed peppers and tomatoes
with minced meat
Veal stew cooked slowly
with fresh tomato


Stuffed peppers and tomatoes
with vegetables and rise
Baked aubergine
with fresh tomato, onion and garlic
Fresh green beans
with fresh tomato in the oven

meats on grill

Beef fillet
with potato - carrot puree and sauteed asparagus
Beef rib steak
with sauteed mushrooms, carots and bacon
Pork rib steak
flavored with butter, sauteed vegetables, and baked potatoes
Lamb Chops
with mint, chill butter, rise and roast potatoes
Lamb Kebabs
with potatoes and fried onions, yoghurt dips with mint
Greek spicy sausage
with French fries
Homemade burger
with fried onions rings, rise, sauteed vegetables and roast potatoes
Pork souvlaki
with pita bread, potatoes and fried onions rings
Juicy pancetta
with sauteed French potatoes, bacon, onion and rise
Chicken fillet
with sauteed mushrooms, carots, bacon, fried onion rings and rise
Chicken pane
with sauteed French potatoes, bacon, onion and vegetables
Mixed grill


Pizza special
Pizza Margarita


Espresso Mascarpone cream
Cheese Cake
Large cream puffs
with whipped cream and caramel sauce
Chocolate Mouse
Yogurt with honey & nuts
Fruit salad with alcohol
Ice cream Plain
Ice Cream Special
Banana split
Ice cream & Kataifi
Ice cream & Baclava


Continental Breakfast
Toasted bread, jam, butter, Cookies, juice and freshly brewed Coffee or Tea
English Breakfast
Includes the Continental Breakfast, eggs, bacon, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms
Nefeli Deluxe Breakfast
Includes the Continental Breakfast, two eggs served with bacon, sausage and grilled tomatoes, milk and yogurt with honey and nuts


Scrabled Eggs
Plain Omelette
Omelette with cheese
Extra kinds


Corn Flakes
Choco Pops